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XIT is a European company that provides consulting services in the SAP technology field. We are one of the few companies in the world that specializes exclusively in SAP technology. XIT was first launched in 2004 in Vienna, Austria. Since then our operations have been rapidly growing to reach more than 220 SAP customers around the world.

Chemical Industry


Cytec wanted to move their SAP data from Belgium to New York in less than an hour. The project was originally outsourced to HP. HP failed to deliver, so Cytec turned to XIT. XIT devised the project plan and built the proof of concept. We were able to achieve the project objectives with total cost that was 70% less than HP. With this achievement, XIT conducted the fastest cross continent SAP migration.

Semiconductor Manufacturer


VISHEY approached XIT to conduct one of the most complex SAP upgrades. VISHEY wanted to combine the standard SAP upgrade with both platform and Unicode migration (multiple code pages). Although the project was challenging, XIT was able to deliver the project objective on the assigned weekend with Zero disturbance to business operations.

Gas Connect Austria
Oil & Gas


Gas Connect invested large amount of capital in SAP implementation. To achieve better returns on their SAP investment, the top management at Gas Connect approached XIT Consulting. XIT offers a highly specialized solution to optimize and unlock the potential of SAP. XIT devised a team of consultant to analyze and improve the overall performance of the SAP system at GCC. The optimization strategy targeted areas such as SAP business process, decision making, sales force empowerment, customer satisfaction, cost reduction, service quality, and performance. By choosing XIT SAP optimization, GCA achieved greater business results and higher returns on their SAP investment.

Federal Government of Austria
Public Sector


When the Austrian Government decided to migrate their SAP systems, they turned to XIT. It was the largest SAP migration project in Europe. The government wanted to move more than 140 SAP systems from Solaris platform to AIX. The standard migration of such a large SAP environment usually takes 190 hours of downtime. However, such a long outage was not acceptable to the government. They wanted the SAP migration to be done with less than 20 hours outage. Two of our competitors said it cannot be done and immediately pulled out of the bidding process. XIT took up the challenge and devised a detailed project plan. We were able to deliver the system with less than 17 hours outage. We manage to do that using standard SAP migration tools.

Industrial Machine Manufacturer


ENGEL is running a complex SAP system landscape. The cost of their SAP maintenance was high and constantly running over budget. The top management at ENGEL turned to XIT for a solution. XIT recommended deploying SAP-Watch. SAP-Watch is a cost-effective XIT solution that offers a 24/7 SAP monitoring and problem solving. By implementing SAP-Watch, ENGEL was able to drastically reduced SAP cost while improving the quality and availability of their SAP systems.

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