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XIT offers innovative SAP consulting services. Our solutions cover all SAP products and technologies. XIT service portfolio is designed to help your business reach its objectives. We introduce new technologies, cut cost, and enhance control over your SAP systems.



In today’s corporate world, a business strategy is not complete without involving IT. As businesses start strategizing, SAP comes into mind. We at XIT Consulting are expert in providing SAP insight into your business strategy.


We assist SAP clients with their most complex strategic challenges. XIT builds tailored solutions to help businesses achieve sustained growth and gain strategic advantage. We advise clients on where to focus in order to get the most effective boost to their business. At XIT, our team will find the shortest route to implement your strategy.


Although businesses invest heavily in SAP, they operate on Out-of-the-Box Vanilla SAP implementation. Vanilla deployments provide you with only twenty percent of your business needs. The real power of SAP lays in the remaining eighty percent.


At XIT, we have a different vision to SAP. We help businesses capitalize on their SAP investment and unleash the real power of SAP. To achieve that we built one of Europe’s top SAP team of consultants. Our consultants are experts in SAP optimization techniques and solutions. Boost your business profitability and increase productivity with XIT Consulting.


At XIT we focus on your business development and growth. We offer cost-effective SAP consulting services that are designed to optimize your business performance. Resolving our clients' critical SAP issues is our prime responsibility.

We work on SAP technology across industries and geographies. XIT brings top European SAP expertise to your SAP landscape. As markets get more competitive, XIT ensures that your business is positioned for the next stage. Our track record of successful projects show that our clients always come first. At XIT, our success is measured by your success.

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